Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is your returns policy?
A: See the Returns Policy section in our Terms & Conditions.
Q: Are your cards exactly the same as shown on the web site?
A: Due to each card being handmade, there may be a very slight difference from card to card, adding to their individual character. However, we do try to keep the card designs as close as possible to the design shown on the web site.
Q: What do you mean by "Handmade"?
A: All designs are handmade by Maria Albiez from basic materials such as Copper and Brass sheet, recycled card etc. We do not buy in "Card Toppers".
Q: Can you send my card directly for me?
A: We do not offer this service at the moment but we are looking into the possibility of offering this service in the future.
Q: How are the cards packaged?
A: See the Packaging section of our Shipping page for a description of our packages.
Q: How can I contact Maria Albiez Cards.
A: All our contact information, including a Contact Form is available on our "Contact Us" page.
Q: How soon can I get my card?
A: See the Delivery Time section of the Shipping page.
Q: How safe is my credit card information?
A: All purchases are handled by PayPal and we do not receive details of your credit card number. See the PayPal web site for more information.
Q: How safe is my personal information?
A: We treat your information in the strictest confidence and will never pass the information on to third parties. See our Privacy Statement for more information.
Q: What size are your cards?
A: The size of each card is given on the cards details page. However, most of our cards are a standard square size of approx 14.5cm x 14.5cm
Q: Are all the cards on the site in stock?
A: We keep all cards in stock to cover normal daily demand. However, if more than our stock is ordered on a particular day we can simply replace the stock by immediately making more. Delays should be no more than two days and we will tell you, by email, if there is likely to be a delay.
Q: Do you have a catalogue?
A: We currently do not have a catalogue. All our cards are shown on this site.
Q: Are the colours on the site accurate?
A: We try to represent the colours as accurately as possible. Please note, however, that the colour seen on your computer depends a great deal on your monitor and on it's colour settings. Therefore it is likely that there will be some variation in colour between what you see and the actual card.